Since 2004

frizz restaurant (no capital ´f´) opened on January 1st 2004. The signature colours of the restaurant (turquoise, off-white and light-yellow) were deliberately chosen to express our mission: to serve quality Cambodian food made with fresh ingredients in a clean yet cozy environment. The restaurant soon enjoyed a growing reputation.

frizz restaurant was established by a Dutch expat, working in Cambodia as a freelance correspondent. He decided to specialize in genuine and traditional Cambodian cuisine, as that was (and still is) surprisingly difficult to find on the popular river front in Phnom Penh.


Of course, starting a restaurant was a challenge, as the owner did not have any previous experience in the hospitality business.
But, largely thanks to the wonderful staff, frizz soon got a reputation as the place to enjoy tasty, traditional Khmer food. See the reviews page to read what others have said about us.

Cooking Class

Cambodian cuisine does not (yet) have the reputation of e.g. Thai food, but most of our patrons were delighted by the quality of food we offered.

Then they started to ask whether there were any cookery classes in Phnom Penh. There were not, so the owner of frizz restaurant in 2005 decided to open the Cambodia Cooking Class.

Expanding & Moving

The river front in Phnom Penh is a wonderful boulevard, but the downside is that there is a lot of hassle. Reason why many expats living in Cambodia avoid eating out at Sisowath Quay.

Besides that, we wanted to redecorate the restaurant and combine it with the Cambodia Cooking Class.

As this was impossible at the previous location, frizz restaurant in April 2008 moved to #67 on the cozy Street 240.

Cambodian restaurant frizz, Phnom Penh
We took the opportunity to restyle our restaurant and to expand the menu with signature Khmer dishes as well as some Western breakfast and lunch specialties.
Find our location on the map and see our new menu.

What’s in a Name?

The restaurant’s former owner – being Dutch – had a Dutch name: Frits. However, when introducing himself to Cambodians they often had trouble pronouncing this right, so it became something like ´frizz´.
In English, a less well known meaning of frizz or frizzle is the sizzling sound when putting food in a pan. And that’s why frizz is called frizz.