Learn the Art of Khmer Cuisine

Cambodia Cooking Class is the first Khmer cooking school for travellers in Phnom Penh. Learning to cook Khmer food is a great way to introduce your Cambodia experience to your friends. Recreate the real recipes back home and invite them to a mouth-watering meal.

We are located in the heart of Phnom Penh, right behind the Royal Palace.

Khmer cuisine

Fresh ingredients, Cooking Class Phnom PenhSome guide books say that Cambodia’s cuisine is nothing to write home about and a poorer cousin to Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. Now, that is completely untrue. A thousand years ago the Khmer Kingdom, which centred on Angkor, ruled an empire that included most of south-east Asia. Hence, many of the Thai and other regional dishes have their roots in Khmer cooking from that time!

While there are similarities, Cambodian cuisine should be taken in its own right. Khmer recipes go back to the days before the introduction of the chilli, so are consequently much milder than most Asian food.

Experienced teacher-cook

Experienced teacher-cook, Cambodia Cooking ClassIn our cooking school you learn how to prepare traditional, delicious Khmer dishes under the guidance of Janie Nhim, our young but enthusiastic, friendly and experienced English-speaking teacher-cook.

She will take you to the market, explain everything about Cambodian vegetables, herbs, spices and other ingredients and teach you the art of Khmer Cuisine.

Moreover, she will make your day of cooking a fun experience!


Hands-on action Cambodia Cooking Class Hands-on action in our cooking school! You will explore traditional methods of food preparation, particularly the use of mortar and pestle to pound and grind herbs and spices to enhance their flavours and nutrition. You’ll make everything from scratch with the freshest possible ingredients.

Every student gets his or her own working area and burner. You cook while the teacher demonstrates and troubleshoots.

All participants of the cooking class get a colourful recipe booklet
Not only will you prepare delicious meals, but you’ll have a great time as well. Have fun, learn and relax in our Phnom Penh Cooking School!

All courses include:

  • Transportation to the market and back to the cooking school.
  • Market tour, shopping in a local market.
  • Introduction to Cambodian herbs & ingredients for cooking
  • After preparing each dish, you have time to relax and enjoy your culinary creations
  • Colourful 16-page recipe booklet, with pictures and descriptions of ALL dishes in our courses. Now you can recreate beautiful Khmer dishes at home!