Learn the Art of Khmer Cuisine

This is a typical schedule of a 1-day course at our Cooking School in Phnom Penh.
Of course we can adjust this schedule to your needs. Just let us know at the time of booking.
A one-day course costs $35, including transport from restaurant to market and back to class and a recipe booklet. We also have half day courses.

09:00 am
The group will gather at frizz restaurant in central Phnom Penh. We then go to the local Kandal Market where our instructor will tell and show you Cambodian fruits, vegetables and spices.

10:00 am
Time to take a tuk-tuk ride back to the Cambodia Cooking Class, which is located on the first floor above frizz restaurant.

Beautiful, tasty and refreshing salads10:15 am
Arrival at the Cooking School where a refreshing lemon juice drink and towel is waiting for you.

10:25 am
Theory Class. Here the instructor will present a cookery demonstration of the dishes that you are going to prepare!

11:30 am
Time to put your hands on the cooking utensils. Each student has his own cooking station and wok. Assisted by our instructor you will learn and experience the culinary technique of Cambodian cuisine. For lunch, two not too difficult dishes are waiting to be prepared by you!

12:30 pm
Lunch. Now you can taste and enjoy your own culinary creation.

12:45 pm
Time to put your hands on the cooking utensils again. In the afternoon we teach you how to make dishes that take some more time to prepare, plus a dessert.

Sticky rice and mango Cambodian dessert1:00 pm
While the dessert is cooling down, we give you a demonstration of basic fruit and vegetable carving for decoration.

1:30 pm
Time to taste and enjoy your own culinary creation and relax.

2:00 pm
End of class.

Each student will receive a booklet with the recipes of the course (plus a few extra recipes).

Find out about the dishes you can prepare on our Course Page.